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Hill Walking British Hill Walking Leaders Certificate

Summer Course Syllabus

Equipment: Personal and group equipment. Design, construction, types, care and maintenance, costs, availability and suitability.

Navigation: Maps and compasses. Map reading skills. Map and compass skills. Calculation of speed and distance. Blind navigation. Night navigation. Adaptation of way finding and orienteering skills. Methods of teaching simple navigation skills.

Group Leadership Responsibilities: Size of groups and Organisation. Responsibility of the group leader to himself. Responsibility of the group leader to the party.

First Aid: Basic and improvised first aid. Contents of a first aid kit, personal and group leaders.

Safety And Survival: Accidents, causes and prevention. Accident procedures. Search methods. Improvised evaluation methods. Mountain rescue teams availability and how to alert. Bivouac techniques - overnight bivouac. Emergency rations kit.

Associated Hazards: Hypothermia, causes and avoidance, treatment. Exhaustion. Heat exhaustion. Correct diet and fitness preparation.

Weather: Weather forecasts - sources and interpretation. The effects of weather and conditions on the individual and the party. Lightning, safety procedures.

Route Planning and Application: Choosing routes - route cards and their preparation. Escape routes.

Leader Responsibility: Insurance. Responsibility to parents, LEA's etc. General LEA requirements, Youth Service, Department of Education and Science.

Access and the Environment: National Parks. National Trust. Nature Conservancy, RSPB. British Mountaineering Council - their role in preserving the environment. The country code and the use of the environment. Responsibilities of the individual and the group towards the countryside.

Further Training: Mountaineering clubs and organisations. British Mountaineering Council. Mountain Walking Leader Training Board.

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